Roof & Surface Cleaning

That unsightly black discoloration growing on your roof and walls is actually bacteria, algae and mold.  It lives off of and multiplies across your roof and walls, by eating into roof and wall surfaces.  We quickly kill and remove all of this harmful contamination, leaving your home looking brand new again!


Everyone wants a nice, clean, new looking home,

but appearance isn't the most compelling reason to make sure your home is BritesitE clean.


Softwash Systems Authorized

BritesitE, an Authorized Applicator for SoftWash Systems, Inc., safely removes surface contamination and is the most effective, longest lasting alternative to pressure washing. Instead of “blasting” your surfaces away, the bacteria responsible for those unsightly black areas covering your roof and walls is gently removed with SoftWashing’s innovative technology. 

We deliver:

  • stunning curb appeal

  • increased property values

  • increased life and longevity of your roof and exterior wall surfaces

  • a 100% kill-ratio on the bacteria, mold and algae eating into your surfaces

  • zero risk of roof or wall damage

  • longer lasting results, up to 6x longer than pressure washing

  • proven results for over 25 years

  • lower air conditioning cooling costs = decreased utility bills

  • 5 year transferable warranty

Softwash Systems 5 Year Waranty


A clean roof is a healthy, long lasting roof. A darkened, discolored roof is a deteriorating roof. Roofs, whether shingle, tile, slate, shake, membrane, or metal will lose as much as 50 % of their warranted service life to contaminating bacteria, mold and algae micro-organisms. This loss of expected service life from your roof can cost you, thousands of dollars in lost service value and premature replacement costs.

We provide a 5-Year Transferable Warranty with your roof cleaning.

Energy Saving


Maintaining a clean roof can reduce your monthly electric bill by as much as 40%! In most cases, your BritesitE roof cleaning will pay for itself within the first year. A lighter color roof reflects more of the sun's heat away from your home, resulting in a cooler attic.

Cooler attic spaces prevent your air conditioning system from consuming excessive amounts of electricity to keep your house cool.

Adjusting your thermostat upward from 76 to 78 degrees merely saves 14% on your monthly electric bill.

Britesite = Cool Attic = $ Saved!

BritesitE Cleaning


Our “Green Wash” roof cleaning product was tested in a major shingle manufacturer's laboratory and proved safe for use on shingle roofs. In this testing process two shingles were taken directly from the manufacturing line for testing purposes. One was coated in a bleach and water solution that contained Green Wash. The other wasn't treated at all. Both shingles were then placed in testing ovens at 300 degrees and 100 percent humidity for thirty days - simulating 30 years of shingle aging. The results showed that the shingle treated with our Green Wash solution had less apparent aging than the one that wasn't treated at all.

BritesitE's roof cleaning product and process complies with the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association's approved method of cleaning.

Copy of dogs with tennis ball.png

Safe For Your Fur Babies and Their Kingdom!

The largest theme park in Florida needed to clean a resort centered around its African animal preserve. The theme park's veterinary services department was called upon to test and approve the safety and effectiveness of SoftWash Systems’s innovative processes for use immediately around the African animals and their habitats. Following careful consideration and examination, this famous theme park’s veterinary services department approved, and began using SoftWash Systems’s products and processes.