Who We Are

Clean Neighborhood


Southern Style

Meet Brian Jordan and Craig Toups, co-founders of BritesitE.   

Born and raised in Baton Rouge, the two LSU Grads started on differing career paths.  First practicing as a Civil Engineer, Craig later went on to become a residential builder and developer.  Brian launched a career with national and international commercial and industrial painting firms.  After years of corporate management, he returned to his passion for southern architecture and followed his family's legacy in local real estate.

BritesitE is born

As members of the Capital Region Builders Association, their appreciation for southern-style architecture led to conversations concerning the ugly, dark contamination that streaks and damages the exteriors of our southern homes and buildings.  Roofs and walls of once beautiful homes and buildings now appear discolored and worn.   

After researching the nature and affects of these dark, ugly nuisances and their naturally-occurring origins, Brian and Craig formed BritesitE.  With the perfect solution - today, BritesitE safely removes the dark contamination, returning bright, clean beauty and health to the homes and buildings we live and work in. 

Combining passion, commitment to excellence and the latest technology, BritesitE produces brilliantly transforming results! 


Brian Jordan

Co-founder Brian Jordan brings  

  • VP - Commercial and Industrial painting firm

  • National and international commercial and industrial painting firms: SIPCO Services Inc., HAT, Plc., BET, Plc. & GEMCO Services, Inc.

  • Lifelong resident of Baton Rouge

  • 50+ year family history in residential construction development, real estate sales/brokerage, and appraisal

  • LSU degree in Design/Business




Craig Toups

Co-founder Craig Toups brings

  • 10 years of experience as home builder and developer

  • LSU degree in Civil Engineering

  • Lifelong resident of Baton Rouge

  • 2018 Chairman of Capital Region Builders Association

  • Serves on Board of Directors for both the Louisiana Home Builders Association and the National, Association of Home Builders