Selling your home?


Know, why she buys.

Within the first 5 minutes...

she notices more about a home than the average male!  She processes more information and from multiple sources.  Even at resting state, her brain is still operating at 70 % of activity, verses his brain at only 30 %.  

She's intelligent, highly capable and knows what's best for her family.  Real Estate industry studies reveal that in 92% of home purchases, she is the ultimate "decision maker" when choosing which home to buy and where!  



When focusing on details...

like curb appeal, cleanliness, and safety, she will have to feel that a home is absolutely perfect.  When thinking of selling a home, it's important to keep this powerful emotional connection in mind!  

Why?  If yours is the most attractive, clean, and healthy home she sees, she will instinctively feel it's the best maintained and safest environment for her family and pets.

Her feeling is further assured knowing that BritesitE professionally cleaned your home's roof and exterior, backing their services with a 5-year transferable warranty.

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Homes with the greatest curb appeal are proven to sell faster, and at premium prices!

It's Why She Buys.

Thinking of selling your home? 

BritesitE makes it irresistible!

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